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Websites Live in 14 Days or Faster


Features tailored to retailers and distributors

Retailer and Distributor Portal

We build secure portals for retailers and distributors, providing access to essential product information, pricing, ordering options, and promotional materials. We facilitate seamless communication and transactions between your company and its retail partners, optimizing supply chain management for efficiency.

Product Showcase and Catalog

We create interactive product catalogs with detailed descriptions, images, and specifications, making browsing and comparison easy. With customizable filters, users can narrow down their search by category, dietary preferences, and other criteria, ensuring they find the perfect fit effortlessly.

Supply Chain Transparency

Boost retailer and consumer confidence with our supply chain transparency features. From highlighting sustainable practices to utilizing QR codes and interactive maps, we offer real-time visibility into your supply chain. Give consumers insights into your certifications and community initiatives, building trust in your brand.


Fast, modern websites that generate revenue

Easy to maintain, fully editable and state of the art.


Features that simplify your website management

Effortless Content Management

Make changes to your website hassle-free. Your team can easily swap out or adjust content in the backend anytime they need to. Plus, we’ve got you covered with up to 3 monthly content change requests included in the price. Most of the time, we’ll implement these changes for you on the same day.

Data-Driven Insights for Enhanced Performance

Get the scoop on how your website is performing with integrated analytics tools like Google Analytics/Matomo and add it to Google Search Console. Gain valuable insights into visitor behavior and traffic patterns, helping you make informed decisions to boost performance, advertising, and user experience.

Secure Updates, Backups, and Maintenance

No need to stress about your website’s security and maintenance. We handle regular updates, maintain backups stored remotely, and ensure all licenses are current. This means your site stays safe, secure, and operational, giving you peace of mind.


Websites, LIVE in 14 days or faster

A strong website coupled with good packaging design and branding is the best possible starting point for solid marketing, growing sales and a community of customers and co-workers who actually give a ****.


Website design to connect your brand with consumers

Content Hub

Engage your audience with a content hub, packed with recipe ideas, cooking tips, and usage suggestions. By offering informative and entertaining content, we not only engage consumers but also deepen their understanding and appreciation of your products. This fosters long-term engagement and brand loyalty.

Localized Content and Multilingual Support

Expand your reach and cater to diverse audiences with localized content and multilingual support. Our multilingual support ensures that customers can browse and interact with your website in their preferred language, promoting inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Retail Locator and Store Finder

Simplify offline shopping with our store locator feature. Equipped with interactive maps, directions, and store details, consumers can easily find nearby supermarkets and retailers stocking your products. This enhances accessibility and convenience, effortlessly driving offline sales and increasing brand visibility.


Fixed price packages for websites and onlinestores

On point and in budget. No surprises.

Basic Package


4.490/ Basic Setup

Service fee € 449 / month.

  • Your first month is free
  • You can cancel at any time
  • The website is your property forever, even if you cancel our service

Our basic package covers all the requirements of a professional corporate website. Fully scalable and expandable.

  • 100% Custom Design & Development
  • All content is easily editable
  • Free changes to the site by our team
  • Domain, SSL certificate, hosting and backups
  • Professional email accounts
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Analytics integration
  • Technical support and consulting
  • Custom video training for your website
Basic Package


12.490/ Basic Setup

Service fee € 1290 / month.

  • Your first month is free
  • You can cancel at any time
  • The onlinestore is your property forever, even if you cancel our service

The webshop package includes all points from the basic package plus store and helpdesk depending on capacities and traffic.

  • All features of the website package
  • A fully scalable store system
  • Integration of 3 payment gateways
  • Configuration of up to 3 APIs
  • All products and categories are fully editable
  • Email helpdesk for your customer support
  • Live chat integration for your customer support
100% Money Back

30 days money back guarantee

You'll love your new site, guaranteed.

If after 30 days of cooperation you feel that our work does not have crystal clear design planning, state-of-the-art code, functionality and appropriate implementation, we will immediately refund 100% of the amounts paid.


Experience Unmatched Support and Expertise

Our team of expert collaborators and communicators provides the assistance you need every step of the way.

Contact us

Let's Talk

We may not have all the answers, but we have the right questions.

How a short call might go, for example:

  • We talk about your current situation and possible goals
  • We identify problems, concerns and questions you have
  • We discuss ways and best practices to set up your brand the way you envision it
  • We tie the conversation together by giving you an action step that you can implement immediately, no matter how the call goes
Questions & Answers

FAQ Webdesign and Webdevelopment

Are your fixed package prices for websites and online stores really capped?

Yes. Our website setup package includes custom design, development, technical support, and consulting and are completely sufficient for most businesses. Depending on your situation, in exceptional cases we also offer customized packages for projects that are more complex.

Is the monthly fee really capped?

Yes. We provide ongoing maintenance, backups, and support for a monthly fee, ensuring your website remains up-to-date and secure. The fee also includes free site changes by our team for added convenience. In exceptional cases we can tailor a extended service package for you.

How long will it take to launch my website?

Most of our websites go live in 14 days or less. The timeline may vary depending on factors such as new content creation or the complexity of your website. But in 9 out of 10 projects we launch in under 14 days.

Will the website be built using a custom design or a template?

We always work with custom designs and development on every project to ensure a unique experience for you and your brand. If you have any preferred platforms or content management systems (CMS) let us know.

Will the website be responsive and mobile-friendly?

Yes. Our pages are touch optimized, load in milliseconds and look great on high definition displays and retina devices of all sizes from TV to phone.

What about website loading speed?

We prioritize efficiency with the fastest hosting & code available, aiming to exceed GTMetrix and Google Lighthouse standards for an exceptional user experience. Experience unparalleled speed and performance with our front- and backend user interfaces.

How will the website be optimized for search engines (SEO)?

Our websites are built with SEO best practices in mind, ensuring optimal search engine visibility. We also implement analytics tools to provide valuable insights about visitor behavior and traffic.

Will you provide training on how to update and manage the website?

We offer easy-to-follow, custom video trainings to help you and your team to manage your website easily and with confidence.

What is your process for gathering requirements and ensuring that the design meets my business objectives?

We begin by understanding your specific needs and goals through a comprehensive questionnaire, followed by consultations and ongoing communication to ensure the final design aligns with your business objectives.

How do you handle project management and communication during the project?

Our design and development teams use project management tools like Trello to track tasks and progress. We maintain open communication through email and virtual meetings to keep you informed and involved throughout the project.

Are there any additional costs, such as hosting, domain registration, or third-party integrations?

If you decide to work with us on a long-term basis, there is a monthly fee that covers everything. Any additional costs related to third-party integrations will be discussed upfront for transparency. If, after competion, you want to host your site yourself, we will send it over to your team.

Can you help with content creation or provide guidance on best practices for website content?

We offer copywriting, illustration, and photography services to help you create compelling content. These services are not included in the base price and will need to be commissioned separately.

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